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​A complete 360 luxury consultancy service and distribution company, creating a bridge between international luxury brands yearning to enter India and Indian luxury brands looking to go global as well. The Group focuses on investing in marquee firms across the globe prioritising Heritage also reviving lost brands across the globe. With Luxury goods sales to reach $405 Billion by 2019, India remains the fastest growing market in the world having increased its real market value by a real 92% in the last 5 years.

With 2.36 Lakh High Net-Worth Individuals, India now ranks fourth in millionaires list. The new force driving this demand are the millennials who are transforming the meaning of luxury from that of “having” to “being”, infallibly looking for an escape into luxury.

For the extravagant players in the luxury industry, India cannot be ignored any longer.

Accompanied by the internet, connecting today’s consumer to the world while heavily influencing consumer behaviour; The biggest roadblocks that international brands face is formulating a successful marketing strategy, especially where the cost-conscious buyer of luxury is growing in non-metro cities. Our group is looking to reconcile and become the most desirable and suitable format of entry catering to the diverse consumers of the country.

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